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Who we are

SAROS (SAROS DAN.KON.TEKS.TUR.SAN.TIC.LTD.) is a project design and management company established in 2006. We are a team of architects, interior designers and engineers with large network of FF&E, MEP, Business Design, Furniture and Decoration as well as Procurement and Operations.

What we do

We deliver designs that inspire, heal, connect, perform and change people’s lives for better. 

At Saros we are committed to transform and improve human experience to inspire a positive change and create a better future that welcomes sustainability, wellbeing and prosperity for everyone. We are determined to creating places that strengthen communal and ecological connections, improve local economies, enhance health and well-being, and make everyone feel safe and welcome.

We know design can play a unique and strong role, and we continue to grow a culture of design and innovation within a collaborative team of designers and engineers. In order to meet new and challenging expectations, we are pushing boundary of architecture, design and technology by integrating physical and digital design to create modern connected experiences. We are also searching and discovering hybrid ways to unleash innovative design and space solutions.

Saros architecture reflects our knowledge of how people and organizations use and experience place and space. We work hand in hand with clients, communities and end users to create buildings that work well inside and out. We push limits to deliver them a consistently high standard of service.

Saros designs interior spaces for living, healing and working. Interior performance can be measured in human and organizational terms: higher productivity, greater creativity and innovation, increased sales as well as happier and healthier people. We are designing not just for visual impact, but also for health, comfort, flexibility and ease of use.

Our designers strive to deliver innovation, quality and sustainable performance. Our projects range from healthcare facilities to hospitality buildings, offices to stores, academic and civic buildings, convention centers, and entertainment and cultural venues.


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At Saros, we travail to improve the health and wellbeing of the community we serve. To do this we commit our global design team’s expertise, including architecture, interior design, biomedical strategy, programming and implementation. Our team designs patient-focused spaces that are both affordable and aspirational with the goals of improving patient outcomes, enhancing the experiences of visitors and staff, and creating healthier communities.

What we believe

Health systems are transforming faster then ever all around the world. Driven by the pandemic, social inequality, consumer demands, and rapidly evolving technologies, the need for holistic thinking has never been greater. An integrated approach to healthcare fuels innovation in support of human health, putting patient and provider at the center of this new equation.

The future of healthcare is about change, and there is great opportunities of innovation if we focus on experience, engagement. From various health facilities and retail clinics, to community health centers and academic medicine, we try to shape healthy experiences and outcomes. Using the power of  user-centered design, we are offering design solutions and strategies that are defining the next era in the healthcare industry.

The pandemic unveiled the inflexibility in current healthcare dogma. We can remedy this by making the most healthcare settings flexible to improve human experience and staff performance simultaneously. 

Modular construction will also facilitate seamless flexibility and growth over time and intelligent technologies can make hospitals safer and more effective for patients and staff. Intelligent hospitals can reduce risk and help providers advance their positions in the communities they serve.



Saros creates experiential hospitality solutions that connects people. Our team takes a forward thinking collective approach to create bespoke designs for our clients, their guests and communities. We offer holistic design services including architecture, interior design and implementation, engineering, FF&E and project management

What we believe

The hospitality industry has suffered greatly during the pandemic because of the dramatic slowdown in business and leisure travel. The hosospitality industry has an redefine itself through human-centric designs that connect people with place.

The primary focus is now on the guest’s health and wellness at both the macro and micro levels. Hotels will become an extension of our work-from-home experience on the go. The line between work and life has disappeared, and the workers will extend vacations and travel to work from anywhere.

Hotels are striving tocreate income by refurbishing, reinventing, and repurposing underutilized spaces which have been under occupied due to pandemic. Spaces within hotels, such as lobbies and amenities, should be flexible and responsive to future needs.

When human health and safety concerns have increased, this situation has also created an awareness of the hospitality industry’s role in sustainability. Eco-conscious travelers are looking to “slow travel,” or sustainable tourism where guests can connect with nature while minimizing their environmental impact. Of commercial buildings, hotels are among the highest per square meter energy and water users. Sustainable building practices are increasingly being incorporated throughout the hotel sector to add value and provide a competitive edge.




Saros takes an integrated approach to residential and residential mixed-use design, considering the needs of our clients, their investors and future residents as well as the surrounding community. We offer optimal unit planning, mixed-use volume strategies as a whole. We create out of the box bespoke environments for distinct modern lifestyles with visionary design concepts and fine architectural details. 

What we believe

The cost of housing is rising fast, we need to develop innovative, affordable, sustainable and hybrid green housing solutions through smart construction techniques.

People are craving for increased connection to the outdoors, including private outdoor open space for dwelling units. This will drive increased demand for private balconies and outdoor open space, especially in dense and high-rise multifamily residential projects.


Residential developments that put forward healthy living, such as increasing fresh air through natural ventilation and access to nature through biophilic design strategies, will be the next game changing trend.


Commercial, Mixed-Use

The pandemic changed everything we know about commercial spaces.

There has been more change in spaces in the past decade than the past 50 years.

We design mixed use districts and retail complexes to act as vibrant social hubs that connect people and experiences and breathe new life into cities.


Our designers create next-generation mixed use and shopping destinations that are service-rich, new technology, promote culture, and offer recreational activities and quality time.


We focus on shared human experiences to create new, elevated hybrid spaces that create an authentic sense of community.

What we believe

Mixed-use districts and retail centers are offering opportunities to support diverse, social, and healthy places at the core of their communities.


Through smart design and the integration of a variety of complementary spaces, mixed-use environments can be the new hybrid spaces of our cities that satisfy needs of the community and investors.

We believe lean business design embracing sustainability and expectations of all the stakeholders and the community at the same time.


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